"Who would have known, there's a whole other world outside the cockpit."

As long as I can remember I have had an entrepreneurial mentality. Without question it must have come from my father, who was a hustler and entrepreneur his whole life. Ever since I first earned a dollar I wanted to put it to work. I started my limited partner investing career at 19 years old. With little to no experience I made plenty of mistakes but none that were terminal. I was eager to learn, work hard and I was blessed to have met some great business mentors and partners early on. I have learned a lot so far and have been very fortunate to garner far more wins than loses.

I formalized my first professional investment partnership as a general partner leading deals in private equity with two friends in 2015. We had already been co-investing together for many years at this point and so far it has paid off. We have made many investments since and already exited several, including taking our first company public July 2018 on Nasdaq. We had an incredible run but decided to dissolve the partnership to focus on our own family offices and new opportunties.

It’s all been really fun, a lot of hard work, a lot of studying and very rewarding to this day. It remains my primary professional focus and I am always on the hunt for new opportunties across various sectors. My business career has made me realize that as much as racing means to me and always will be a big part of who I am, it doesn’t define me.

Q&A with Brian